Corporate Values

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  • We at BABA have a vision of being a leading global corporation which is appreciated for superior quality and ethical responsibility towards our customers.
  • At BABA we believe in providing a healthy environment conducive to growth and development of the organization and its stakeholders.

 Corporate Philosophy

  • Overall: We believe in timely and efficient delivery to our stakeholders by addressing the ever changing customer needs in a sustainable manner, thus creating a "World Class Happy Organization".
  • Conformism: It is very important for us to uphold the law at all times and become righteous citizens of the country.
  • Growth: We increase our revenues and profits by expanding our business, old and new through systematic expansion and increase our market scope through planned diversification.
  • Customers: Our aim is to maintain our market leadership by providing total customer satisfaction by offering nothing but the best.

 Inspiration from Monk Pu-Tai 

We draw our inspiration from the benevolent, tolerant monk Pu-Tai. We follow Pu-Tai's philosophy of mastering the environment through love, joy and creativity rather than being mastered by it. The monk is also popularly known as the Laughing Buddha, bringing happiness and laughter to millions across the world.