Our Founders

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Shri Dharampal Ji (1901 - 1964)

Born on 01-01-1901, call it coincidence or call it destiny. Birth of a legend Shri Dharampal Ji, remains the dawn of a new era.

An era when the nation was to experience the taste of independence. Beginning with a modest perfume shop in Chandni Chowk, in the heart of Delhi, Shri Dharampal Ji, was adding his personal touch in spreading fragrance to the nation. A self-starter and a visionary, he was farsighted to conceive the impossible.

Shri Premchand Ji (1922 - 1976)

Shri Premchand Ji's association with Shri Dharampal Ji started in 1950 and the group became a private limited company in 1972. The iconic launch of the BABA brand in 1964 under the guidance of Shri Premchand Ji became first of many milestones of the company. As the company's first Chairman and Managing Director, Shri Premchand Ji set the example for lifelong services and devotion to its customers.

Shri Satyapal Ji Sugandhi (1929 - 1995)

Shri Satyapal Ji was a visionary who made everything possible. He inherited high virtues and aspiration for being the best in one's own business.

His in-depth knowledge of perfumes honoured him with the title of "Sugandhi" (Perfumer). Shri Satyapal Ji was skilled at blending tradition with modernity. He is credited with blending chewing tobacco with exquisite perfumes. He is also known for bringing the element of quality and research, hitherto unknown in this category. Today, all our endeavours are guided by his mission of offering the unmatched.